Handicap betting is very familiar to top players in Vietnam, but some bettors still do not know about it. Today, bookmaker Jili77 Ph will provide extremely useful information to help bettors better understand this attractive type of bet.


Handicap definition

Handicapping is a popular term in the sports betting industry, where bettors can take advantage of the unique aspects of this format. Built on the odds of European bookmakers, handicap betting is an entertaining means for players to optimize their chances of winning in the Asian betting playground.

Asian bookmakers offer Asian handicaps, expressed in numbers based on balls, to meet the betting needs of Asian players. This not only creates a diverse betting experience but also gives players more options and control in betting.

By applying this bet, players can be more proactive in the betting process because they not only bet on the match outcome but also evaluate the relative strength between the two teams. For sports and betting lovers, understanding handicaps brings joy from predicting match results and creates much more unique and attractive betting experiences.

How to conquer the Handicap bet

The question of how to conquer this bet is always a problem raised by many players.

How to calculate Handicap bets

In the betting market, there are many different types of handicap odds, however some popular odds are widely used to serve the betting needs of players. One of the most popular types of handicap bets is the draw/loss bet (0). In this case, the player can bet on any team, and if that team wins, the player will also win the bet.

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When the two teams are tied, the bet will be refunded to help the player maintain their undefeated streak without actually winning the bet. Handicap 0.25 (1/4) is another interesting type of bet here. The upper team will handicap the lower team by 1/4. If a player bets on the favorite team and this team wins, they will receive half of their bet, and the other half will be returned.

Conversely, if the player bets on the underdog team and this team wins, they will also receive half the bet. If both teams tie, the player who bets on the upper team will lose half the bet, while the player who bets on the lower team will win half the money.

These handicap calculations allow players to take advantage of flexibility in betting and require them to have a deep understanding of the team’s situation. In this way, handicap betting is an entertaining element in sports betting and a challenge to the player’s thinking and strategy.

Handicap betting tips to always win big

To become masters at handicap betting and achieve big wins, players need to clearly understand handicap and have a smart and creative betting strategy. The important secret is not only learning about the types of bets but also the ability to choose matches flexibly, suitable to each player’s knowledge and understanding.

In the handicap betting system, choosing the right match is the key to success. Each individual who plays handicap betting has the opportunity to calculate and select matches scientifically based on a deep understanding of the team and the competition situation.

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Handicap betting

Bet on each round

One particularly popular strategy is choosing to bet on each round. This helps players have a more comprehensive view of the team’s ability and competition situation. Round betting offers flexibility to help players clearly identify the opportunities and risks that may occur in each stage of the match.

Specifically, adjusting bets sensitively in each round helps optimize your chances of winning and minimize risks. Choosing matches wisely and applying flexible betting strategies is an important factor in achieving big wins and easily withdrawing money when participating in handicap betting.

Handicap betting is truly an attractive type of betting, with many standards required to be achieved. Together with Jili77, who will grasp these standards, new players can take full advantage of the power of this form of betting and experience the real joy of winning.