M88 - The leading online sports betting and casino game application in Vietnam

*Discover and have the most amazing experience with live casino games, along with exciting cards and slot machines.* 

M88 has emerged as a favored choice in the world of gambling, making its presence felt in more than 55 countries since its inception in 2013. The platform has built a reputation for quality, offering a splendid user experience.

Leveraging their proficiency in creating games and managing a betting platform, M88 operates under stringent regulations of the countries where it is hosted. This has allowed M88 to function within legal boundaries while offering an exciting array of betting games. This fair and transparent operation is a testament to the high standards maintained by a top-tier betting platform like M88.

The M88 homepage presents an alluring variety of options for both novice and professional gamers. Users can enjoy a wide spectrum of online betting games, including online sports betting, online casinos, various slot games, and fishing games, all conveniently available on the M88 homepage.

Designed with the Vietnamese user experience in mind, the M88 homepage is optimized for smooth and seamless operation. The user-friendly interface allows players to effortlessly navigate and locate their desired games.

Undoubtedly, M88 stands as a reliable online gambling platform, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a superior online gambling experience. M88 is a reputable betting house with distinct features that set it apart from the rest. Come and join us at M88 VN, and relish every moment of comfort and ecstasy with our array of world-class games.

Top 4 reasons to choose M88 VN

M88 vn offers the Vietnamese community a wholesome and beneficial playground. As a reputable application platform, M88 provides countless benefits and superior experiences for Vietnamese users who partake in the M88 system.

The most striking advantage of M88 vn compared to other betting houses lies in its platform design, equipped with distinctive features and a multitude of captivating games. Here are the top four advantages that M88 vn possesses:

  • User-friendly and professional, M88 vn is a professionally designed betting website, crafted to cater to all the needs of Vietnamese players. 
  • Offering an array of diverse and standout gaming products, M88 provides a range of online gaming products, including casino games, sports betting, live games, and poker. 
  • Excelling in implementing safety and security policies, M88 is considered one of the safest and most reliable betting websites in the world of online casinos. Legal betting activities, with appropriate business licenses, allow M88 to stand firm in the vibrant betting market. 
  • Providing numerous attractive promotions, M88 regularly launches appealing promotion programs for players. These include special promotion packages and unique bonus amounts that only this bookmaker has. 

M88 - a legal bookmaker organization permitted to operate betting activities in many countries around the world

M88 stands as one of the few online gambling companies that are fully legalized and transparently operational in various countries worldwide. Holding certifications from respective legal institutions, M88 is committed to strictly adhering to regulations related to information safety and financial transactions.

In its legal operation, M88 consistently complies with terms pertaining to taxation and anti-money laundering. The organization not only ensures transparency in dealing with customers but also forges strategic relationships with independent auditing companies to guarantee fairness in gaming.

Moreover, M88 is regarded as one of the few bookmakers with a high degree of legality. For Vietnamese players, this website is considered entirely legal as it operates under the license of the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) – an organization established by the Philippine government.

Committing to credibility and adherence to legal-related regulations, M88 is among the few bookmakers seen as wholly trustworthy. The organization continually updates the latest information about terms and commitments to customers to maintain its reputation. Hence, it is not surprising that M88 has become one of the few online gambling organizations favored today.

Giấy tờ pháp lý của nhà cái M88
🏢 Founded year 2013 🏢 Operating license Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA)
🏢 Owner Mansion Group 🏢 Currency VNĐ, USD, EUR
🏢 Product Cá cược thể thao: HDP, 1×2, O/U
Casino Online : Online Baccarat, online poker, Blackjack online
Game Slot
🏢 Promotion 150% welcome promotion for new members
Get a 188% Casino Slots Welcome Bonus
Get a 125% bonus Welcome new members to join Online Casino
🏢 Customer care 24/7 App Mobile Can be used on: iOS & Android

The process of formation and development of M88 in Vietnam

M88, one of the world’s most reputable and substantial online gambling enterprises, was initiated in 2013 under the stewardship of Mansion Group in Manila, Philippines. Since its inception, M88 has grown and expanded its operations into various regions globally, including a successful market penetration in Vietnam. Over the years, M88 vn has built a reputation as the most trusted bookmaker in the Vietnamese betting market. In addition, M88 also achieved cooperation with the world’s leading game providers such as Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, 30Jili Games, 50jili Gaming, jilievo Gaming, and many others. This ensures that players will always have the opportunity to experience the latest and greatest games on the market.

Years of operation have enabled M88 to establish a state-of-the-art technology system that delivers the best betting experience to its players. M88 is deeply committed to transparency and security of player information, demonstrated by its adherence to legal regulations concerning online betting activities.

The development of M88 is not solely measured by revenue or player numbers, but also by the trust and credibility users place in the company’s offerings. With the aspiration to deliver the best values to its customers, M88 continues to strive to develop and maintain its position in the online betting industry.

M88 used to be a sponsoring partner of many different organizations
M88 used to be a sponsoring partner of many different organizations

Collaborate with friends

Collaborate with friends

Quick step-by-step instructions to help you experience M88 online simply and quickly

M88 online is a widely popular betting game platform today. Simply follow the uncomplicated steps below to complete the M88 registration process, log into M88 with your existing account, and start enjoying all the features and incredible benefits that the M88 bookmaker provides for an online M88 experience.

For those passionate about online gambling games, signing up for M88 immediately grants you access to our diverse and top-quality product offerings. With our reputable and superior online betting platform, M88 offers players an array of products that includes sports betting, live casinos, enticing slot games, and many other popular game genres.

Registering for an M88 account is incredibly straightforward and quick, taking just a few minutes to complete the process. Moreover, new members will receive enticing promotional programs specific to new players, providing you with additional funds and thereby increasing your chances of reaping more rewards.

Once you are confident that you have an account, proceed to the M88 login page. Fill in your previously registered account details, including your username and password, along with the confirmation code.

Dive right into the world of exciting and diverse games after logging in. If it’s your first login, you will need to make a deposit to acquire initial funds before you can start experiencing the distinctive and impressive game system of M88. Promotional information and games are consistently updated for players. Make the most of them to boost your capital.

We hope that logging into M88 will bring you peak moments of absolute joy as you participate in our exceedingly engaging games.

Fund your M88 account to enjoy various games as well as promotional programs for new members. This ensures you will have the most comprehensive and fulfilling experience at our betting house. M88 always strives to make all player activities as seamless as possible, including account funding. Hence, M88 has provided a myriad of different deposit methods for players to choose from.

Our guide to the M88 deposit process guarantees a quick and straightforward procedure, eliminating any worries when adding funds to your account. Supply your personal account with capital to enjoy all the premium services available to players at M88.

After securing a certain amount through triumphs in games, players often initiate the withdrawal process at M88. This withdrawal represents funds designated for personal use, and executing this transaction is a swift and straightforward affair, irrespective of whether one is a novice or a seasoned player. Following the platform’s stipulated steps enables a seamless withdrawal process.

Upon meeting the requisites, confirming information, and selecting a payment method, the platform proceeds to process the player’s withdrawal request, channeling the funds into the designated account. The duration for processing withdrawals hinges upon the player’s chosen payment method. Nevertheless, the platform assures players of minimal waiting times.

Official M88 logo


In the pursuit of a secure and uninterrupted betting experience, we urge our members to only access the portal provided by M88. Always keep an eye out for the official logo to ensure you are navigating the authentic M88 website.

The M88 logo, with its striking colors, immediately draws attention. The clear, modern typography fosters a sense of reliability and professionalism. The balanced and harmonious composition of the logo creates an appealing and sophisticated visual for M88. The M88 logo is a perfect fusion of professionalism and class, underlining the brand’s commitment to quality and user experience.

However, there have been instances when the M88 logo has been mistaken for other unrelated names such as ms88, m888, msq88, m88khv, m88sut, or even m88bet, m88 vin, w88 mobile, and so on. Be vigilant and take the time to familiarize yourself with the M88 logo to avoid confusion with unofficial or counterfeit websites.

Top M88 Online Casino and M88 Sports games

The house offers many different types of M88 casino or M88 sports games

M88 sports betting experience for beginners

Engaging in sports betting at M88 unveils a realm of high excitement and entertainment. For beginners, it’s not merely about amusement; it’s a journey to cultivate betting skills through experiential learning and immersion in sporting events. Thus, stepping into this domain necessitates accumulating a reservoir of sports betting wisdom.

At M88, comprehensive insights into the rules governing each sporting discipline become paramount. Understanding them empowers strategic predictions and event organization. Tracking news pertinent to your preferred sports breeds profound comprehension of factors influencing matches, allowing informed decisions based on analysis.

Comparing odds or wagering ratios among diverse bookmakers stands as a pivotal sports betting experience. Acquiring data on betting prices facilitates selecting favorable odds or bookmaker ratios, augmenting the likelihood of success as players grasp the value behind each payout.

Sensibly leveraging promotions and incentives offered by sportsbooks serves to allure new clientele and retain existing patrons. Utilizing these offerings strategically enhances one’s winning prospects.

M88 imparts these sports betting insights, aiming for individuals to craft their unique strategies to triumph in their beloved sporting competitions. Embrace, apply, and refine these strategies in decision-making and calculating betting odds for utmost effectiveness.

Kinh nghiệm cá cược thể thao dành cho người chơi mới 2
Kinh nghiệm cá cược thể thao dành cho người chơi mới 1

M88 advantages

M88 can help you achieve great success in the world of sports betting. It’s not just about knowledge and experience; choosing a reputable, safe, and quality bookmaker is also crucial. M88, known by tens of millions in Vietnam, is one of the top-rated bookmakers currently in operation.

A multitude of bettors select M88 primarily for its numerous advantages and unique features:

  1. Dedicated and professional customer support

    M88 is committed to providing the best user experience through its professional customer care. A team of highly trained staff is always ready to answer queries and resolve issues swiftly. Moreover, their willingness to share knowledge helps users gain a better understanding of M88’s products and services.

  2. Diverse and convenient payment system

    M88 offers flexible payment methods for an easy transaction experience. Besides, all transaction-related information and user account security are managed in a safe and confidential environment. The convenience of these payment methods attracts players from all over the world.

  3. Wide range of product offerings

    As an online bookmaker, M88 offers an array of online casino products. They offer popular card games such as Poker and Blackjack, along with a myriad of other games for players to choose from. One standout aspect of M88 is its sports betting. You can bet on football, tennis, basketball, and hundreds of other sports. With reasonable odds, user-friendly interface, and the M88 bookmaker odds, this feature is a must-try.

  4. Top-rated bookmaker for Vietnamese players

    In the betting market, M88 is known as a provider of diverse and quality services. With years of operation, transparency, and high credibility, M88 confidently positions itself as one of the top trusted bookmakers for Vietnamese players.

Advantages M88 possesses
Advantages M88 possesses

Fairness and transparency

M88 is committed to fairness and transparency in all betting games


Betting on major sports tournaments

Enjoy all the matches within the framework of the biggest sports tournaments on the planet at the M Sports lobby


Choose how to withdraw money

The feature to protect your main account is extremely safe.


Diverse game

Countless betting game options from sports to casino, card games, fish shooting, lottery, etc.

Take care of players

M88 staff are professionally and methodically trained


Free Games

Try out free games before betting with real money.


ESports betting

eSport matches are created by simulation technology that players bet on like real sports matches


Customize odds

With M88's flexible features, players can easily customize their bet levels

Professional customer care system from M88

One crucial criterion that sets M88 apart is its professionally trained customer service team. M88’s staff, rich with experience and thorough training, pledge to provide attentive and considerate support from the moment a customer registers an account until they successfully withdraw their winnings.

In an effort to provide absolute comfort and trust to its customers, M88 employs modern support methods such as live chat, email, and telephone to address any queries customers might have. What’s more, the round-the-clock customer service ensures smooth and swift resolution of issues at any time of the day.

All these initiatives have helped M88 earn the trust and affection of its customers. Furthermore, by actively listening to customers’ feedback and suggestions, M88 constantly refines its support services to deliver maximum satisfaction to its users.

Chăm sóc khách hàng M88

Reviews - comments from players when betting at M88

nhanngaongo lavie

I have been using this m888 app for a long time, it is amazing. It helps me improve my life greatly. I hope this house continues to develop new games for me to experience

hiep-khach-mu like to all

m88 has a beautiful interface, many game options and rich betting methods, it really makes me excited to play. The support when I needed it was very quick, truly beyond my expectations. On holidays, they are also available to answer my questions. very ok

chiatayanhtadi game không lạc

I am addicted to online betting games, I have played at many bookmakers ms88vtv, ms8kk, m88sut, m88khv,... but M88 vin is really one of the places I feel most comfortable. Their diversity in games and betting options helps me use my bets carefree. Ah, withdrawing money is the fastest

deptraivodoi Hà nội

m88 is amazing and their customer service team is always quick to assist me with any issues. m88's promotions and bonuses are irreproachable

    Benefits for players when registering for M88

    Online betting experience is only available at M88 Bookmaker

    IOS mobile devices

    Scan code to downlaod

    IOS mobile devices

    Scan code to downlaod

    Successful registration with M88 comes with a plethora of benefits:

    1. Attractive Promotions for New Users

      As a newly registered member, you are eligible for exciting promotions that M88 offers to its new users.

    2. Multiple Convenient and Highly Secure Payment Methods

      M88 provides a variety of convenient and highly secure payment options, ensuring smooth transactions at every step.

    3. Competitive Odds

      The platform offers attractive odds, encouraging a competitive spirit among bettors.

    4. 24/7 Customer Support

      M88 is always there for its customers. Be it through live chat, phone, or email, their round-the-clock customer service is always ready to assist.

    This explains why M88 is considered one of the leading bookmakers in Vietnam today. With high-quality products and services, coupled with professional customer care from M88, players can confidently register with M88 and participate in their betting activities on this platform.


    M88 operates as a legally authorized betting provider, holding a license from the top betting organization in the Philippines. Thus, participants need not worry about contravening Vietnamese law when placing bets on this platform. Questions often raised about legal issues are rendered irrelevant here.

    At M88, we promise that all betting activities are carried out transparently and fairly. However, when participating in online betting, users must exercise caution to prevent misuse by others. It's crucial to safeguard your personal information and private betting activities to enjoy the best betting experience at M88.

    In the realm of online betting, M88 has established itself as a trustworthy service provider. With several years in operation, it's under the scrutiny of leading betting regulatory bodies.

    To guarantee the integrity of player information and to ensure all transactions are carried out legally, M88 employs the safest and most secure payment methods. This dedication to safety solidifies M88's commitment to providing a secure betting environment for all its users.

    M88 consistently places the interests of its players at the center of its growth strategy. Consequently, we maintain a dedicated 24/7 customer support team ready to assist players and answer their queries at any time.

    Players can reach out to our customer care team through various communication channels. Our support staff are professionally trained and committed to helping players resolve any issues they encounter while using M88's services.

    Our customer care team is a highlight of M88's global betting development system. We continually strive to meet all player needs, ensuring they always feel secure and comfortable exploring their betting journey on M88.

    To register for an M88 account, the first condition is that the player must be 18 years old and have a bank account to be able to deposit and withdraw money quickly and conveniently. In addition, the house needs to verify the player's identity, so the player needs to provide M88 with accurate and complete information such as name, phone number, email address.

    M88 will verify the player's identity through the authentication process. This process will include asking players to provide identification documents or bank account information to prove identity. This process ensures the accuracy and security of players' personal information and also helps prevent fraudulent activities and avoid security risks.

    When it comes to choosing a betting platform in Vietnam, several key factors set M88 apart from its competitors.

    Unmatched Security and Privacy: At M88, the paramount importance is given to the safety and confidentiality of customer data. We assure absolute protection of our clients' personal information.

    Diverse and Exciting Gaming Products: With a wide array of game categories, including sports betting, online casinos, poker, and many more, M88 ensures its customers have numerous exciting options to participate and experience.

    Quality and Reputation: M88 stands as one of the most trusted betting platforms in Vietnam, with a vast customer base that trusts and chooses us for their betting needs. Not every platform can boast being at the top of the list for reputable betting platforms with a significant customer count.

    Outstanding Customer Support: Our commitment to providing the best customer service is unwavering. The professional and dedicated M88 team is always ready to assist customers, anywhere and anytime.

    Quick and Convenient Transactions: M88 offers a variety of fast and convenient payment methods, making the process of depositing and withdrawing money easy and efficient for our customers.


    M88 stands as a frontrunner in the domain of reputable online betting games, providing top-tier betting services in Vietnam. This status is a testament to M88’s growth and development, driven by relentless efforts to deliver high-quality and trustworthy products to its customers.

    With a commitment to adhere to legal regulations and hold complete operating licenses, M88 ensures the protection of customer rights and offers them an exceptional online betting experience. Additionally, M88 provides a vast array of online casino games and captivating online sports options for players to explore and enjoy.

    Choosing M88’s services is a smart decision for those keen to dive into the world of online betting. With major advantages ranging from legal compliance to professional customer care, you can rest assured while experiencing M88’s offerings. Visit M88’s website to discover more details and enjoy the excellent services provided by M88.