Are you a fan of bingo’s excitement or the thrill of spinning slots in the comfort of your home or at traditional casinos? If so, Slingo might be the perfect game for you. It seamlessly merges elements from both slot machines and bingo into one captivating gaming experience. Slingo is not only found in online casino settings but also prevalent in brick-and-mortar casinos, captivating players of all ages since its inception in 1994.

But what exactly is Slingo, and where can you indulge in this unique amalgamation of chance and strategy? Let’s delve into this intriguing game with

Instruct players on the rules of Slingo
Instruct players on the rules of Slingo

Understanding the Mechanics of Slingo

Typically played on a 5×5 grid, Slingo presents 25 randomly drawn numbers reminiscent of the conventional 75-ball bingo format. The primary objective is to mark off as many numbers on your grid as possible within the given number of spins, usually ranging from 10 to 20.

In essence, Slingo resembles the process of checking off numbers on a bingo card as the announcer calls them out. However, instead of a person calling out numbers, the reels beneath the bingo card spin to unveil your numbers. Any matches reveal corresponding numbers on the card, inching you closer to a win.

Players initiate the game by placing bets, determining the number of spins allocated. Upon completion of the spins, players have the option to pay for additional spins, aiming for more wins. For instance, players might choose to invest an extra 20% of their initial wager to complete a few more lines for potential wins.

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Slingo’s appeal lies in its blend of chance and strategy, creating an engaging gaming experience that resonates with enthusiasts of both bingo and slots.

Unique Features of Slingo

Similar to most standard slot games, Slingo introduces special symbols that offer various bonus opportunities. For instance, the joker symbol enables players to select numbers within the column where they appear. Furthermore, there’s the Super Joker card, granting the flexibility to mark any letter on the player’s board.

Depending on the type of Slingo game, distinct symbols may appear within the gaps beneath the cards throughout the gameplay. These include tokens for extra spins when players run out and the “devil” symbol, which halves your score. Hence, not all symbols benefit the player, yet they collectively add an intriguing incentive to the game.

Varieties of SlingoSlots

Learn quickly about the game Slingo
Learn quickly about the game Slingo

Players can explore a myriad of Slingo games at the leading online casinos in the United States. However, each game offered at an online casino undergoes approval by state regulators, leading some states to adopt these games earlier than others. For instance, New Jersey legalized online casinos several years before Michigan. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Slingo Extreme
  • Slingo Fortunes
  • Slingo XXXtreme
  • Slingo Showdown
  • Slingo Riches

These diverse variations cater to different preferences, offering unique twists and gameplay experiences to captivate players seeking excitement and rewards.


Slingo, the captivating fusion of slots and bingo, is widely offered across legal online casinos in the United States. Approved for gameplay in states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Michigan, Slingo has also gained approval from regulatory bodies in Connecticut as of last year. Regrettably, players from West Virginia currently lack access to this game, a situation that hopefully undergoes change in the near future.

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For those residing in states without online casinos, indulging in free slot machine gameplay at sweepstakes casinos, offering cash prizes, remains an option. Unfortunately, none of these sweepstakes casinos currently provide Slingo, presenting a gap in the available gaming options.

Slingo at Golden Nugget

The renowned Golden Nugget casino boasts an impressive array of Slingo slots:

  • In New Jersey: They offer 35 different Slingo machines, surpassing the variety available at any other online casino in the U.S.
  • In Michigan: Featuring 13 Slingo slots, including Classic, Deal or No Deal, and XXXtreme variants.

Moreover, Golden Nugget presents a diverse selection of slot machines, progressive jackpot offerings, alongside table games and live dealer options, fostering an enriched gaming experience.

Slingo at Caesars Casino

Similar to Golden Nugget, Caesars Casino offers 35 diverse Slingo variations in New Jersey. However, as of now, they do not feature any Slingo games in Michigan. It’s hoped that this situation will soon change, especially considering Caesars’ reputation for providing one of the best reward programs in iGaming, offering an excellent way to accumulate points through games like Slingo.

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